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Bone grafting — Missouri City, TX
Our bone grafting procedures can help you regain your smile
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Bone grafting restores lost bone to restore your smile

Bone grafting plays a pivotal role in restoring your smile by addressing the underlying bone deficiencies. Whether it is due to tooth loss, periodontal disease or other factors, bone grafting replenishes lost or damaged bone tissue, providing a solid foundation for restorative dental procedures. By augmenting the jawbone through bone grafting, it becomes possible to successfully place dental implants, which serve as permanent replacements for missing teeth. This not only restores the natural appearance of your smile but also ensures improved functionality and stability.

Advantages of bone grafting

  • Restores bone volume
  • Enhances implant success
  • Preserves facial structure
  • Improves smile appearance
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Our process

During the bone grafting procedure in Missouri City, Texas, bone graft material is placed in the targeted area. This graft material can come from different sources, such as the patient’s own bone (autograft), donor bone (allograft), synthetic materials or a combination of these. The graft material serves as a scaffold that supports the growth of new bone cells and blood vessels. Over time, the grafted bone integrates with the existing bone, providing increased volume and stability.

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What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure used to restore or augment bone tissue in areas where it has been lost or damaged. While bone grafting can be performed for various medical reasons, including fracture repair and treatment of bone defects, in the context of restoring your smile, it is often utilized in dental and maxillofacial surgeries. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. LaKendra Sakeena, call Sienna Smiles today at 281-778-3200.

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