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Teeth extraction — Missouri City, TX
Painless teeth extractions for a healthier, happier smile
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Teeth extractions

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the jawbone. It may be necessary due to various reasons such as severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, dental trauma, crowding or preparation for orthodontic treatment. Our dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the area before carefully loosening and removing the tooth.

Benefits of tooth extraction

  • Relief from pain
  • Prevention of infection
  • Resolution of gum disease
  • Improved appearance
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Saving your jaw after teeth extraction

After tooth extraction, there are several measures that can be taken to promote jawbone preservation, such as socket preservation, dental implants, ridge augmentation, bone grafting and proper oral hygiene. It is important to consult with our dentist about your specific situation to determine the most appropriate strategies for preserving your jawbone after tooth extraction.

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We make sure our extractions are gentle to keep you comfortable

At Sienna Smiles, our dentist and team provide gentle tooth extractions Missouri City, Texas, and take the necessary measures to keep you comfortable during your visit. Contact Sienna Smiles today at 281-778-3200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. LaKendra Sakeena.

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Removing pain, restoring comfort

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