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Restore a Jaw Unqualified for Dental Implants with Bone Grafting Treatments


One of the biggest restrictions to patients qualifying for dental implants is the lack of bone volume in their jaw. Having adequate bone volume is necessary to securely hold a dental implant post within the jaw, and without the bone support, dental implants will likely fail. Dr. LaKendra Sakeena offers our patients a solution to inadequate bone volume with bone grafting treatments. Bone grafting allows us to restore volume to a jaw to allow you to support dental implants without failure.

Jaw bone loss can occur for a variety of reasons, including trauma to the jaw, gum disease, tooth extractions, or deterioration due to missing teeth. Without restoring the area with bone grafting treatment, you may also experience a shifting of your teeth, an altered bite or an uneven smile. No matter the cause of your bone loss, bone grafting in Missouri City, TX, effectively restores the area and prevents further complications.

Bone Grafting Missouri, Tx
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What is a dental bone graft


When restoring your jaw with bone grafting, Dr. Sakeena will take a sample of bone from you or a donor source and convert that bone into small granule form. These granules will then be packed at the site of recession and protected while it heals and fuses to your existing bone. After healing, bone grafting treatment will give you a solid foundation. Often after a tooth extraction, we will perform socket preservation bone grafting immediately after tooth removal. This packs grafting material into the empty socket to preserve the jaw and prepare it for a dental implant when it’s ready to be placed in the future.

  • Sometimes Bone Augmentation is Necessary
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  • Prepares the jaw for dental implants
  • Prevents shifting teeth
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  • Restores your bite
  • Keeps your jaw line even

Preserve the health of your jaw with effective bone grafting.

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