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When searching for a dentist for you and your family, finding one that offers a comprehensive menu of additional dental services is important. Dr. LaKendra Sakeena and our team have years of experience and believe in staying up-to-date on the latest dental trends and technologies to better serve our patients. Our practice offers patients many of the additional dental services they need to stay healthy for a lifetime. When you come in to see our dentist, you can rest assured that your experience will be warm and inviting and you will be treated like family with no judgments or pressures.

Preventative dentistry is an additional dental service that helps us keep your mouth clean and healthy. We will examine your mouth and provide a deep cleaning and assessment of any potential risks.

We offer composite fillings instead of traditional metal amalgam fillings. This additional dental service is safer for your body and provides a natural look in the smile, blending in seamlessly with the color of your teeth.

This additional dental service allows Dr. Sakeena to readjust your bite by reshaping the surfaces of the teeth so they meet together correctly. Patients who experience constant migraines, teeth grinding or trouble moving their jaw may qualify for this additional dental service to relieve them of pain.

If you have an uneven gumline or a “gummy smile,” we can carefully remove excess tissue, exposing more of the tooth crown and balancing the smile. This also helps our dentist access bacteria that resides below the excessive gum tissue.

If you have infection within your gum tissue, we can gently remove the infected tissue to restore a healthy mouth. By removing infection, your oral health and the appearance of your smile improve as gum tissue reconnects to your tooth roots.

Our frenectomy additional dental service allows us to gently sever the tissue that ties a lip or tongue down in the mouth. Lip- and tongue-ties are common concerns and Dr. Sakeena can relieve you or your children of this discomfort with minimal discomfort.

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