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Six Month Smiles

Get a Straight Smile in Six Months with Cosmetic Braces in Missouri City 

If you need braces, you have many options available for successful treatment that don’t include metal appliances. Among modern choices for getting straighter teeth is a system called Six Month Smiles®. Sienna Smiles offers these tooth-colored braces in Missouri City to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, without old-fashioned silver braces.

What Makes Six Month Smiles® Different from Other Clear Braces?

When many patients think of clear braces, they often think of see-through aligner trays. Six Month Smiles® is similar in that it is a natural-looking twist on traditional orthodontics, however it uses brackets and wires that are completely tooth-colored. With Six Months Smiles®, your treatment does not become a distracting part of your smile – your braces blend in with your natural teeth. You can feel confident to speak and smile freely, knowing that your treatment is as discreet as possible.

Every patient’s needs are different. While clear aligners may work well in certain cases, Six Months Smiles® provides a way for patients with more complex cases of crowding and gaps between teeth to get natural-looking orthodontic care.

A Straighter Smile in Six Months

Six Month Smiles® gets its name from the average length of treatment plans. Because Six Month Smiles® utilizes gentle, low force – and concentrates on correcting alignment for aesthetic appeal -- it is effective in straightening teeth in a shorter amount of time than traditional, full braces. With the shorter treatment times typically indicated with Six Months Smiles®, you can achieve the straight teeth you want with less associated cost as well.

Getting Tooth-Colored Braces in Missouri City, TX

To being your treatment plan for cosmetic braces, Dr. Sakeena and her team will conduct an oral health exam, where we will establish your current dental condition and go over your desires for treatment. Six Month Smiles® is ideal for adult dental patients who wish to correct the alignment of teeth for aesthetic improvement.

At your next appointment, Six Month Smiles® can be applied to teeth – you’ll leave our office with cosmetically-appealing orthodontics that doesn’t interfere with your social or professional life.  We are devoted to exceptional patient experience. Dr. Sakeena offers Six Months Smiles® in an effort to provide patients with effective, modern dentistry that allows them to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

Learn More about Clear Braces – Contact Sienna Smiles

You can get the beautiful and well-aligned smile you want, with quick, discreet treatment from Six Month Smiles®. Contact Sienna Smiles to learn more about your options for clear and tooth-colored braces in Missouri City, TX.