Cosmetic Dental Treatments with Dr. Sakeena in Missouri, TX

Whether your teeth have been physically damaged by trauma or you don’t like the aesthetics of your smile, Sienna Smiles offers a variety of cosmetic dental services in Missouri City. These options give you the chance to customize your smile and restore your confidence, whether one tooth or several require treatment.

If aesthetic flaws are standing between you and the smile you deserve, call Sienna Smiles today to schedule your appointment for cosmetic dentistry!

Customize Your Smile with Cosmetic Solutions 

Dr. LaKendra Sakeena offers a host of cosmetic solutions designed to address both surface and structural imperfections in your smile, from decayed to undersized teeth and, in more severe cases, missing teeth.

Our solutions include but are not limited to:

CEREC Crowns – For teeth that have been damaged, we offer crowns that effectively blend in with your smile. These durable caps support normal dental function while preserving health.

Teeth Whitening – Stains caused by certain drinks, medications, or even neglect of routine hygiene can easily be lifted with chairside or take-home teeth whitening. This treatment brightens the shade of your teeth while maintaining a natural appearance.

Discreet Orthodontics –The alignment of your teeth can sometimes affect not just the quality of your smile, but also your bite. We offer discreet orthodontic options, including tooth-colored braces through the Six Month Smiles program and clear braces provided by Invisalign®

Porcelain Veneers – While teeth whitening solutions are able to remove with extrinsic stains, many patients with deeper stains on enamel require an alternative. Veneers, composed of thin layers of porcelain, can be attached directly to your teeth to disguise permanent stains and other flaws, such as undersized or misshapen teeth. This also provides a creative alternative to braces for patients who don’t wish to close the gaps between teeth with orthodontics.

Dental Implants – For patients with missing teeth, dental implants are the most reliable measure for replacement. Not only do they serve as permanent anchors for attractive restorations, such as our CEREC crowns, but they preserve the health and integrity of your jawbone. Without roots, bone shrinks and ultimately compromises facial aesthetic. These prosthetic tooth posts, which are made from solid titanium, allow patients to smile and function normally, no matter how many teeth need to be replaced.

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Dr. Sakeena provides cosmetic solutions that leave you smiling with confidence again. Our team at Sienna Smiles is proud to serve patients in Missouri City and is ready to address any cosmetic issue. Call our office today to schedule your appointment!